Honda PCX 150 New

PCX 150 Honda scooter bongsor emerged in Indonesia. Scooter 150 cc engine capacity was priced at USD 33.3 million, or USD 1.050 million more expensive than her sister PCX 125.

"The first delivery to the consumer will be conducted on August 1, 2012. Scooters are environmentally friendly because it meets Euro 3 emission standards," said Marketing Director AHM Margono Tanuwijaya on the sidelines of the launch of the PCX 150 in PRJ, JI Expo Kemayoran, Jakarta, Friday (06/15/2012).

Honda PCX 150 is equipped with Enhanced Smart Power (ESP). V-tech engine with built-matic liquid cooled 10 kW power can catapult at 8500 RPM (engine only 8.5 PCX 125 kW at 8,500).

Scooters imported from Thailand are applying idling stop system as a hallmark of Honda PCX. These features will only need to pull the lever again to start the engine gas.

When compared with the PCX 125, PCX uses the latest 150 cc engine was longer. Its wheelbase is now 1315 mm, 135 mm of ground clearance increased to -140 mm. While the weight is increased so 129 kg from 126 kg.

The embedded security features standard automatic side (side stand switch). This means that the engine would die when the standards go down.

In terms of appearance, the Honda PCX PCX 125 and 150 is not much difference. Both adopted the body rather gambot with a fused headlight. PT AHM confident sales target of 200 units per month. For the Indonesian motorcycle market, Honda PCX 150 is provided in 3 colors white glamor, luxury red, black and prestige.